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Collectible dolls made of faux fur, baked polymer clay, sintepon, wire and feathers.
All parts of the toy are moveable, a magnet is sewn into the body to attach it to various surfaces. They can be used for photo shoots, interior decoration, as a companion or a gift, but are not intended for small children.
Moth size ~ 12×20 cm.

The average delivery time is about one month.
Most of my packages are sent to the USA, with delivery times ranging from 10 to 25 days. The second most popular country is Australia with a delivery time of 14-35 days.
During the pre-holiday and fall sales periods, the postal service becomes unpredictable and the package may take a very long time to clear customs in your country.
Therefore, if you need the Moth by a certain date, please order in advance.

It all depends on your request. If we are talking about changing the color, then most likely I will be able to perform it. The main thing is that the right fur is available.

If we are talking about a specific type of moth, then it may take too much time to create a method for making it.
I taking notes such requests and keep them in my head, but this does not oblige you to anything, because it is unknown whether I will be able to do it and when it will be.

The wings of the moth are not afraid of water and sunlight, which is not true of its body.
Inside the body is a skeleton made of felt syntepon, very dense. It should not be wet, because it is very difficult to dry it without consequences. There are also metal parts that can rust and spoil the appearance of the moth.
To clean the fur, you can use a soft brush or a hair dryer with a narrow nozzle (cold or medium temperature).
The moth’s eyes are lacquered, and solvents and other alcoholic liquids should not come into contact with them. If this happens, do not touch until the eyes are completely dry.

You can always send the moth in for restoration, with only shipping charges.

I really hope that I have enough time and energy.
I would like to make many more insects.

Maybe someday I will dare to do it.
For now, I am horrified by the amount of information needed to successfully produce a moth.
The technology does not allow for mistakes in material selection and has an impressive list of necessary tools.
I doubt that such a guide will be in demand.

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