Moth Dolls

by Semechka Workshop

Discover the magical world of moth plush dolls that will be your cherished companions for years to come

A touch of whimsy and magnetism

These moth plush dolls are not only cute toys but also cleverly designed with a hidden magnet for easy attachment. You can place them anywhere – on your dashboard, refrigerator, desk, lampshade, or even use as a brooch!

Measuring around 20 x 12 cm, we craft them from durable polymer clay for the wings, legs, and eyes, with the body covered in soft synthetic fur. No paints are used, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting colors.

Take a look around the gallery to see the amazing world of plush moth dolls. Or, if you want to know more about how I make these dolls, check out the About page.

Become a proud owner of a Moth Doll

Owning a moth doll is like holding a piece of magic in your hands. Most of my dolls look like whimsical silk moths, but each year I add new plush butterflies to my collection, such as the Luna moth, the Rosy Maple moth, and other realistic moths in my designs.

While I don’t offer personalized orders due to the time-intensive nature of crafting each moth, I do ensure that every piece meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

You can explore the entire collection in my store and easily place your order on the marketplace platform. Shipping is free worldwide, although delivery times may vary. Click below to shop now and find the perfect companion to touch your heart.

What's new

Collectible plush Luna moth dolls

June 12, 2024

So, I have finished this series, and all variations of the Luna Moths are now available in the shop.Next, I plan to work on the Regal Moth and new fantasy designs, one of which will also be available soon.

Stay tuned for updates to catch these new unique creations!

Handmade moth plush toy with lifelike details and soft, plush texture

May 23, 2024

The second moth in the “Luna” series features striking accents of burgundy and pink. I have also finished the third one, but I don’t have photos yet. I haven’t updated the shop yet, but I think both new moths will be available there in about 10 days. Meanwhile, the first in the series has already found a new home. It seems that this series has changed my understanding of wing sizes, and now I want to make the wings of the Spanish Moon moth larger. This would actually be quite fitting, considering that last year this model got a new type of fur, making it fluffier. However, I only realized this after creating the Luna series.

May 01, 2024

Currently, I’m fully engaged in crafting Luna Moths plush designs. The project entails creating three distinct designs, of which I’ll be offering orders for only one. The initial two designs are completed, while the third is still in progress.

To achieve authenticity, I drew inspiration from real moth photos as references for color palettes. It’s fascinating how diverse they are! Since I haven’t had the chance to see a Luna moth in person, I delved into numerous photos and videos to capture their unique colors and patterns.
I also made their wings as translucent as possible.